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Your Fashion Guide For The Best TGIF Look


Hi Ladies,

My personal approach to dressing up for Friday has less to do with throw-on’s and more to do with se*y. When it comes down to it, your look for Friday should be centered on where you are going to in which case you have to think of the purpose of the event and how to convert the fashion pieces into something more appealing frame wise.

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The function of how you look is tied to the way in which you make your wardrobe pieces the most appealing. This is why we always talk about investing in certain pieces so that when the need arises you would be able to convert this pieces into interesting outcomes. Based on this theory we would be sharing with you some cool pieces that are majorly

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Let’s now take a look a the specific pieces that you need sitting in your closet always…

Add some sparkle with SEQUIN

FRINGE is fun and flirty Always

SNAKE SKIN….Be different in something underrated

You can be exclusive in PRINT

Happy girls are happiest in LACE

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There’s nothing more comfortable than JEANS 

Now that we have seen these pieces, how you style it all depends on you and what mood you are in. TGIF!!!

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