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Woman punches herself in face to blackmail husband

A devastated husband has called for his estranged wife to be deported after she allegedly concocted a plan to frame him for domestic violence.

Sydney man Faisal Khan and his wife Asmae met on a Muslim-targeted dating service and had been married for eight months when trouble began brewing in April.

Concerned his Moroccan wife was using him to secure an Australian visa, Faisal turned to a lawyer.

But when Asmae got wind of his plan, Faisal said she feared she could be kicked out of the country and threatened him.

He said his wife was waiting for him in the middle of the devastation.

‘You think you are smart about me and you’re talking to lawyers,’ Faisal claimed she said.

He alleges she then rushed out of the apartment and into a lift.

Hours later, police knocked on Faisal’s door, arresting him and charging him with assault.

But a baffled Faisal vehemently denied any wrongdoing, spending more than $20,000 in legal fees and trawling through hundreds of hours of CCTV recordings to get to the bottom of what happened in that elevator.

Eventually, he said he found the piece of footage that could clear his name.

Video from inside the elevator allegedly shows Asmae run inside and wait until the doors close to begin punching herself in the face.

She allegeldy struck herself twice with her left fist, leaving bruises around the eye and cheek.

More footage shows her running from the apartment complex, reportedly to ask police for help.

She has since gone into hiding, according to Faisal, who is demanding she be sent back to Morocco.

Faisal is now trying to pay off his legal debts and has called for his former bride to be deported.

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