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Woman Accuses Ex Husband Of Threatening Her Life

A former bank worker, Mrs Titilayo Oladokun, has accused her estranged husband, Olaniyi Oladokun of threatening her life after their 18-year-old marriage crashed.

She accused Olaniyi of sending over 200 threat messages to her phone, several  months after she quit the marriage.

The marriage is blessed with three children.

Titilayo told The Nation that she walked away from the marriage following maltreatment and brutality she was subjected to by her husband.

She accused Oladokun, an assistant head teacher in a private school at Olambe , Ogun State, of subjecting her to constant beatings in the presence of their children, inhuman treatment and lack of care.

Titilayo said she quit the marriage when she could no longer bear her husband’s violent attacks on her.

She added that she discovered that her husband had used one of her photographs for ritual purpose.

‘’ I walked away from the marriage about seven months ago, after I discovered that he(her husband)had buried my picture beside a big river for ritual purpose; and I also saw another one with blood stain on one of our pillows, which I suspected he might have used for ‘money’ rituals . When I confronted him over the discoveries, he owned up and begged me to forgive him. But I could no longer stand his atrocious lifestyle, hence, I walked away.

‘’Since then, he has been threatening to deal with me for leaving him. To date, he has sent me over 200 threat messages on phone. Today alone, he has sent me over 11 threat messages, hence, I am crying out.’’

Describing her experience as nightmarish, Titilayo, a graduate of Rufus Giwa Polytechnic and native of Owo, Ondo State, said:’’ For the almost two decades of our marriage, I suffered in silence. My husband is a very lazy man. He would not take care of me and my chidren.Instead, he spent his income as a teacher in a private school on all kinds of shady businesses using different sims cards, 16 email addresses and seven bank accounts.Yet, he was unable to provide for me and his three children.

‘’I reported the matter at Ajuwon Police Station in Ogun State, and he was asked to face his life and stop threatening my life. I had to take two out of my three sons out of his house when they complained of being starved by their father.  He has been moving from one spiritualist to another in a bid to force me to come back to him, but he failed because God is my fortress now.’’

Contacted, Oladokun, in a telephone conversation with The Nation, denied the allegations levelled against him by his estrange wife.

He said it was Titilayo  that walked away from their marriage on the ground that they were not spiritually compatible.

Olaniyi said he pleaded in vain with his wife not to leave him, noting that she might have been misguided by unnamed persons.

‘’ She was the one that quit the marriage. She told me that we were not spiritually compatible and that we should go our separate ways. I pleaded with her not to leave, and I remember telling her that things would get better for us if we stayed together with unblemished faith in God. I think she was misguided by some persons who made her to believe that leaving me was the best thing for her.

‘’ She is lying that I used her photographs for ritual purpose. There was nothing I did not do to pacify her , but she had made up her mind to leave and was only looking for an excuse. I  did not also threaten her life, I only told her that she would not know peace until she returns my  two sons she took away from home while I was away.”

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