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Will You Wear This High Heel Made Of Human Skin?

Fashion gets wackier and weirder every day but these might just be the peak. From perfumes made mixed with blood to dresses made from meat to these high heel made from human skin.

Fecal Matter are the design duo that are shaking up the fashion industry with their life-like shoes. The duo, who have amassed a huge following on Instagram, are known for their otherworldly aesthetic and extreme body modification. Would you wear their high heels made out of ‘human skin’? Well for $10,000 they could be yours!

The couple, Hannah Rose Dalton and who are based in Canada, have gained quite the cult following on Instagram thanks to their extreme body modification which transforms them into creatures from a completely different planet.

Fecal Matter have decided to take their unique aesthetic to the masses. What they are known best for are their bizarre yet fascinating ‘Skin Heels’ which give the impression of a strangely shaped heeled foot. The brainchild of the daring couple, these choose have been a talking point all over social media.

Before the shoe became a reality, Photoshop was used to create it but now, what was once a cool idea has become an even cooler reality. The shoe extends from the thigh and is made out of silicone. It includes life-like toes, faux moles, uneven skin colour and life-like hairs.

“Everyone was like, ‘Is it Photoshopped? Is it not Photoshopped?’ We wanted to put it out in real life,” Bhaskaran shared with Wet Paint Life. The heels were created by artist to replicate Dalton’s leg. If you want a slice of the skin heel actio-n however, it won’t come cheap. Considering the workmanship tfhat goes into just one pair, it’s no surprise that just one pair will be sold for $10,000. So far, only one pair has been created so far but the couple have revealed plans to make more.

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