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Victor AD has become a star of sort. His song “Wetin We Gain” which he released in 2018 has hit more than 400k views.

He is from Warri, Delta State, Nigeria. Gistmeblog takes a look at his songs and biography.

Victor AD Songs

This song which is now a popular street anthem among the youths in Nigeria was released in 2018. The video has gotten more than 400k views on YouTube. Victor is one of the upcoming music acts disturbing the south-south region of Nigeria in a positive way. Previously, Victor had been releasing other songs but it is this particular song that has shot him to prominence and fame over the horizon. “Wetin We Gain” is a top song which is making waves in Nigeria. The music visual was shot and directed by Director Dindu. The song was produced by KizzyBeat and released under ETINS records.

LOVING YOU (2018):
NO IDEA (2018):
THANKS (2017)


Victor AD Biography 

Victor AD born with real name Victor Adere is a Nigerian musician and songwriter from Warri, Delta State. He was born and raised in Lagos State. He and his family lived there for eight years before they relocated to Warri, Delta State. Being inpired by his neighbour in Lagos, he began composing his own song at the tender age of six.

His music genre is Afropop. Victor AD is a graduate of Electrical Engineering from the renowned Auchi Polytechnic in Edo State. The singer who started as a rapper worn the award for the best singer in the 2013/2014 session in the polytechnic.

He later joined a live band who made covers to western songs when rap didn’t work out for him. He began his music career at the tender age of 6. He cited musical legends like Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Lucky Dube and King Sunny Ade. Wizkid is also an artist he looks up to.

Victor started his professional music career in 2014 when he released his first official single titled “Jowo”. The song was produced by CoolBoyBeatz. Before this time he led a music band in Delta State and at a music competition in Auchi Polytechnic, he was voted as the best artist.

The fast rising music star signed a multi million naira landmark deal with Ghana based ETINS record and management. The deal is billed to take Victor’s career to a whole new level.

Being accepted has been the sole prayer of Victor AD since he started his career four years ago. And even though it seemed at a point that this might not happen, his hit song – “Wetin We Gain” has become a very popular street anthem which gives hustlers hope that things will get better.

You are likely to hear the song ‘Wetin We Gain’ across every street in Lagos and other Nigerian states bringing fame for the young musician.

This deal will position Victor, a inspiring talent as the artist to watch in his multi album deal. Speaking after his signing, CEO of Longitude Promotions Sean Efosa revealed that the Delta born talent fills a very important role in the Nigerian music landscape. Sean sounded optimistic that Victor will take the music space by storm in no distant time because of his passion, sound and his work ethic which is second to none.

Victor AD and his record label, ETINS Record Label

Victor on his part is back to the studio making more music for the good people of Nigeria and the world at large. His latest release ” Wetin We Gain” has become a famous ringtone for hustlers in Nigeria and the world at large.

Victor says the song “Wetin We Gain” was something out of the ordinary. It was more like a conversation between him and God. He composed the song in November 2017 when he was on the edge of giving up because his last song – No Idea, which was supposed to be his breakthrough song, did not work out as planned. So in “Wetin We Gain” he was basically talking to God from his heart.

He thought that the song was only going to be big in the southern part of Nigeria not knowing that it was going to enjoy airplay in Lagos and beyond. He got several calls to perform at events. He shot the music video in Alaba International Market, Lagos.

Victor is very famous now. When he walks on the streets people recognise and shout his name. He assures his fans that this will not be a smokescreen success as he has plenty more good tunes to serve the industry.

Victor is one for the future and is sure to be a force to be reckoned with in the coming years in the Nigerian entertainment industry with awards to reward his musical excellence.

Victor AD Age

Victor AD was born on July 31st.

Victor AD Motivation

Victor AD is known to give motivation in his Instagram posts.

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