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Twitter users slam doctor after he shames pregnant woman


A medical doctor defied the ethics of his profession by going on Twitter to shame a pregnant woman in labour for how her poo smelt during delivery.

Dr Abel C Obetta said the “slay queen” claimed she had eaten only apples all day but when she began pushing and excreta came out, it smelt “like fio fio not apple.”

But social media users didn’t share in his joke and they called him out for shaming his patient. Some pointed out to him that the fact that the woman’s fecal matter didn’t smell of apples doesn’t mean she lied because poo doesn’t always smell like the food eaten. They told him that as a doctor, he should know this.

He eventually apologised and said he was only trying to make a joke, but some Twitter users refused to accept his apology. They insisted that his post was no joke and was obviously aimed at ridiculing the woman.

See screenshots below:

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