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Things You Need To Know As An Upcoming Artiste

1. You need to be mindful of your lyrics. The terms you use in your songs should be checked. For the now, do away with f-words. Many media houses won’t give you their time when you songs contain vulgar lyrics. Remember you are not Lil Wayne or Olamide yet.

2. Using lyrics that incite violent or crime, should not be part of you. Example, “kill them, rape her”.
Also don’t use lyrics that depict the country in a negative way, if you want to complain about some things do it in a civilized way. Don’t go about singing “Nigeria is hell”.

3. When your are invited for a show/concert, please just perform your two best songs or just do one. Singing your full album won’t make you stand-up, instead it will make you look unprofessional. Try to flow along with your audience. This is important.

4. Be patient with your craft and learn to appreciate everyone you meet on your journey to stardom. Remember you don’t know who is who or who will become who. Don’t look down on anyone. Keep your loyalty strong with DJs, MCs, OAPs, promoters, fans and other entertainers .

5. Getting a deal with Mavin, DMW, Starboy records and others is a dream but don’t tie yourself down because of this dream. Keep working and in no time they will recognize you.

6. Dont beef anybody. It is not healthy, even though it has worked for few artistes but I dont advise you to do such.
Push your work. Push it through any means at your disposal, radio,tv, newspaper, blogs etc.

7. Remove money from your mind for now. Attend free shows, it won’t kill you. I have heard of some mainstream artists who paid show organizers to perform before their breakthrough. Remember you need a platform.The platform is your strength. Pay the sacrifice today,enjoy tomorrow.


Credits:  Michael Effiong aka MikeMike of Kpoko Fm Warri


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