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Popular Beautiful Actress Claims Nollywood Will Soon Collapse

Popular actress, Liz Anjorin has lamented the imminent collapse of Nigeria’s movie industry, Nollywood.

According to the actress, who converted from Christianity to Islam few years ago, the activities of pirates coupled with the lack of investment in the sector might soon lead to its collapse.

Anjorin also disclosed that the fear of being stranded should that happen, pushed her into creating other sources of income to survive. She further debunked rumors of being financed by a Sugar Daddy, stating that all her wealth came from hard work and creativity. The actress told Punch newspaper: “I decided to put in more hard work and create multiple streams of income after realizing that the movie industry will soon collapse.

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‘‘Nobody wants to go broke and it is that fear that brought out the creativity in me and pushed me into business. “Piracy is affecting the industry so much while the lack of proper investment is also another issue threatening the sector. “While other people go from one party to another to enjoy themselves, I am busy at work, thinking of how to make a success of my life. “I work very hard to earn my money. I go through a lot of stress every day but people just think that I just sleep and all these things come to me on a silver platter. “The talk of having a sugar daddy is annoying because there is nothing like that. The truth is that God is the only sugar daddy I have.

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“Some people will just sit down and say I get support from some politicians but in Nigeria of today; nobody will constantly give you money except you work with your two hands. But some individuals will just sit somewhere and concoct all sorts of lies about me.”

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