Marketing Executive
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The Marketing Executive is responsible for management of all aspects of marketing activities aimed at developers within the company, these consist of activities like conducting the market research targeting the developers and developing the marketing strategy for the B2B & B2C market . Key duties include:

Duties & Responsibilities:

Conduct market research related to all aspects of the developers to collect and ascertain the current status of the local and global developer market.
Manage the design and develop all the marketing tools such as marketing campaigns, conferences/events, communication methodologies, marketing brochures/fliers/white papers/banners, and advertisement campaigns to ensure success of the designed the marketing strategy.
Continuously develop new marketing initiatives and ideas to through collection of inputs from all function such as new technologies, incentives and opportunities
Identify the key milestones needed for the execution of the developer marketing strategy.
Facilitate managing and tracking the execution progress of the marketing strategy.
Review and manage the content on all available communication channels aimed at developers including website (with developer), conferences and events to ensure proper messages are being communicated to the developers
Coordinate with Marcomm team to develop events aimed at the developers in order to ensure the quality of the marketing message as well as the marketing tools to be utilized during the events such as white papers, banners, flyers and other marketing tools.
Develop, coordinate and attend local and global events, conferences, gatherings to reach a wide portfolio of developers
Manage relationships with media and advertisement agencies within the scope of marketing strategy.Job Details