Home Crime Man arrested in Dubai airport for carrying illegal items

Man arrested in Dubai airport for carrying illegal items

A wanted man, who was travelling transit through a Dubai airport when he tried to smuggle more than 1.3kg of cocaine, was charged at the Court of First Instance on Monday.

Prosecutors accused the Pakistani man of trying to smuggle the drugs when he had a stop at the Dubai International Airport on September 22.

Their records show that he had a criminal record of drug smuggling and he fled the UAE previously when one of his accomplices died after he tried to transport capsules in his stomach.

A customs inspector said that the transit passenger was brought to them by the anti-narcotics officers at Terminal 3. “They suspected him because he was carrying a bag with suspicious side volume. He denied having anything to declare.”

The officers found cocaine in the traveller’s bag. “The traveller said the bag belonged to him but denied having anything to do with what was inside it. He claimed his cousin in Pakistan wanted him to deliver the bag to his uncle in Thailand,” the inspector recounted.

The officer questioned the defendant’s claims, saying that “the bag was empty and still had side volume and he could have noticed that”.

The inspector told the prosecutor that they had information from the narcotics officers about the defendant. “We learned from them that he would smuggle drugs to the UAE and other countries. He had fled after one of his accomplices died due to complications from smuggling drugs in stomach,” the officer told the investigator.

A report from the general directorate of criminal evidence and criminology showed the quantity seized from the defendant was cocaine and weighed 1.3kg.

The court will pronounce a verdict on December 24.

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