Home Crime Lady murders neighbour’s 2-year old son

Lady murders neighbour’s 2-year old son

A lady identified as, Ms Chineye Ndubiife, murdered her neighbours 2-yr-old son in a bid to punish his dad, Promise Samuel at 70 Lawani Street, Alakoto, Olodi Apapa.

The suspect who has been arrested revealed how she sent a child to call Wisdom from their room.

Ndubiife, a mother of one, then took him to the backyard, where she hit his head against the wall, after which she hit him, again, with a big stone, leading to his death.

Consequently, she dumped the child’s corpse in the toilet, where Mr Samuel later found him.

Asked why she killed the boy, Ms Ndubuife disclosed that her intention was to inflict severe injury on him so that his father would spend money on treating him.

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