Home Crime Human bones found buried in front of hotel in Lagos

Human bones found buried in front of hotel in Lagos

Detectives at Ilasamaja Police Station in Lagos State are presently working round the clock to unravel the circumstances that led to the alleged burying of human beings at the entrance of a popular hotel in Papa Ajao area of Mushin.

The facility called R & A hotel is located at 10, Lawal Babalola Street, Mushin, with branches in Allen Avenue area of Ikeja. Preliminary investigation led to the exhumation of what appeared to be human bones on November 22, 2018, at 8:30 am. The excavation became necessary following confessional statements by a suspect, identified as Gbenga, the hotel manager.

The suspect was initially arrested by the police following a complaint from his employer, Alhaji Rasheed Sholola, who accused him of some sharp practices in the course of their business dealings.

“Alhaji took Gbenga to the station on the suspicion that he might have embezzled parts of his money. He wanted the police to prosecute him on the allegation,”revealed a source.

Saturday Sun gathered that the police authorities at the station detained the suspect for a day and were on the verge of taking him to court when Gbenga volunteered additional statements.

This time around, he dropped a bombshell when he told detectives his employer buried some earth-shaking materials at the entrance of all his business concerns.

Realizing the gravity of his situation, Gbenga decided not to sink alone, “since all his entreaties to make Alhaji change his mind fell on the deaf ear”, the source said.

Gbenga reportedly declared his readiness to lead detectives to the locations.

Alhaji Sholola was shortly after invited to the station to listen to the weighty allegations leveled against him by his manager. Consequently, detectives, armed with a signed warrant, stormed the hotel with camera, diggers, exhibit bags and shovels and commenced digging at an identified spot on the premises.

The digging was conducted in the presence of the suspects, and according to sources, a handful of bones were exhumed along with other fetish objects as the digging progressed. From there, detectives went to another location where similar exhibits were exhumed. It was in the light of this that the hotelier was subsequently subjected to methodical questioning leading to him making additional statements concerning the new findings.

Saturday Sun was informed that: “All the exhibits were thereafter painstakingly bagged preparatory to be taken to the Police Forensic Laboratory for analysis with the view to determining whether the bones are of human beings or otherwise.”

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