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Homeless man who slept for 6 months at a barber’s shop returns years later


A homeless man who was taken in by a friendly barber has returned to thank him for providing shelter, food and work during the lowest point of his life.

In 2015, Vinnie was homeless and living in a park south of Brisbane when he met local barber Nicky Pati, 38, who owns Spasifik Cutsin Slacks Creek.

One night, Mr Pati said he saw police crowd Vinnie and threaten to arrest him.

Thinking quickly on his feet, Mr Pati told the officers he was there to ‘pick him up’ and took Vinnie to his barber shop.

For six months in 2016, Mr Pati let Vinnie live at his store and perform odd jobs.

The barber said Vinnie moved out afterward, but would still drop by with small gifts to show his gratitude before ultimately losing touch two years ago.

Two months ago, Mr Pati said he was stunned when an unrecognisable Vinnie walked through his front doors.

‘He came in to say thank you,’ Mr Pati told the Courier Mail.

The hairdresser said he was happy to see Vinnie had turned his life around.

‘He showed me his car, he had some nice clothes on. He’s got a job and a house now,’ he said.

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