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Health Benefits of WaterMelon Seeds

The benefits of watermelon seeds have their basis in their nutritious wealth. They are rich in zinc, copper, potassium and magnesium. They also have omega 6 and three fatty acids. This makes watermelon seeds highly beneficial to human health and well being. They can be prepared for consumption by either cooking in salty water or baking in low heat. Here are 14 health benefits of watermelon seeds before we give you our favorite way to incorporate them in your diet.

1. Boost immunity

Watermelon seeds will enhance your immune system. Immunity is the body’s ability to resist infection. This is important for everyone because if your body does not combat infections, you will get sick every now and then. This will, of course, affect your productivity and even your ability to enjoy life in general. Boosting your natural immunity is crucial as you are less likely to get sick especially during the cold season. Watermelon seeds are, therefore, an ideal option as they are a natural source of Magnesium. Magnesium is very good for boosting the body’s immunity.

2. Improving brain health

Watermelon seeds can help improve brain health. This is another one of the benefits of watermelon seeds. They can help boost memory, prevent inflammation and even reduce epileptic seizures. This is because they contain a couple of nutrients that are helpful to brain health.

3. Prevent cancer

Cancer is an illness where abnormal cells uncontrollably divide and destroy healthy body tissues leading to the development of tumours. Since there is no cure for cancer, prevention is one of the ways to deal with it and taking watermelon seeds is one of the ways. Watermelon seeds contain an essential cancer-fighting antioxidant called lycopene. An antioxidant is a chemical that neutralises free radicals. Free Radicals are chemical substances that can attack and cause harm to cells. They damage cell components such as proteins, DNA and cell membranes.

4. Give you a healthy heart

Heart health has a huge impact on your weight, cholesterol and blood pressure. Ensuring you are at the right weight for your height reduces the risk of developing heart-related health problems. Although watermelon seeds contain calories, they are not unhealthy or fattening.

5. Makes your skin smoother and hair sleek

Watermelon seeds are rich in vitamin A. Vitamin A is essential for healthy skin. You should note that Vitamin A, unlike other vitamins, is a combination of substances that include carotenoids. This means it contains antioxidants and therefore can fight the type of free radicals that cause the damage of collagen.

6. Helps control diabetes

This is another one of the benefits of eating watermelon seeds. Diabetes refers to a condition where the body does not produce enough insulin. This results in elevated blood sugar levels which can cause damage to other vital organs in the body including the kidneys and the body.

7. Enhance digestive health

Watermelon can ensure that your digestive system works better. This is because they contain Magnesium.

8. Enhance male fertility

Watermelon seeds are also crucial in improving fertility in men. This is another of the many health benefits of watermelon seeds They contain Manganese, Arginine and vitamin B6 all of which promote male fertility.

9. Promotes kidney function

Watermelon seeds are perfect for keeping the kidneys healthy thanks to their high concentration of Vitamin B6, B1, Folic acid and niacin. When made into a tea, they can also help you pass kidney stones.

10. Enhance eye health

Being rich in vitamin A, watermelon seeds enhance the health of your eyes. They delay the deterioration of eyesight. Vitamin a deficiency is linked to night blindness.

11. Prevent anaemia

Eating watermelon seeds can help prevent Anaemia. Iron is crucial in the part of haemoglobin. Without iron, the red blood cells cannot transport oxygen around the body. You end up feeling lethargic and may become prone to dizzy spells.

12. Enhance liver function

Your liver is supposed to keep cleaning out toxins from your body to keep you healthy. Consuming watermelon seeds in the form of a tea is an excellent way to promote the liver health.

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