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Famous Reality TV Star Causes Serious Uproar With Her New ‘Weird’ Tattoo


Naz Mila, 26, an Azerbaijani reality TV and social media star’s new tattoo has caused a sensation online, but not in the way she intended. The TV star, unveiled a gigantic but terribly-translated new tattoo to her 850,000 Instagram followers.

Written in black ink and running all the way down the side of her body, the English inscription says: ‘I can judge a single god with my wrongs and wrongs.’

Fans thought Naz Mila, might have used a dodgy online translation website to find the words for the inking.

It is believed she was trying to convey the popular Turkish phrase: ‘Only God can judge my mistakes and truths.’

Mila was one of the most popular stars of ‘With Zuhal Topal’, a Turkish matchmaking show in which male contestants search for a bride.

The controversial show was taken off the air last year over allegations that contestants had sex for money.

Mila regularly shares provocative selfies with her army of followers on Instagram.

In the picture of the new tattoo, she is seen posing sideways to show it off, while seen giving fans a ‘V’ sign.

Her tattooist is also seen pointing proudly at his handiwork.

But the photograph has so far attracted only ridicule from social media users.

One Twitter user wrote: ‘Ask someone if he speaks English before you let him tattoo a human’.

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