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Erica, 33, helped to tame the Tiger and make him a champ again

A smiling Tiger Woods, punching the air in front of cheering crowds over the weekend, is a far cry from the mugshot taken just over a year ago.

In May 2017, Woods was arrested for DUI – but now he’s back on form, publicly acknowledging the formidable female force by his side.


After five years without a win, his whispering of “hmmm….I love you” in his girlfriend’s ear showed it was no coincidence that this landmark victory was linked to his romance with Erica Herman, 33.

As well as being arrested for having five different drug types in his system and falling asleep at the wheel, Woods underwent surgery to fuse two vertebrae in his lower back last year.

It marked the pinnacle of a disastrous few years for the player, who has has been dogged by scandal after he reportedly slept with around 120 women during his marriage to Elin Nordegren.

So who is this woman who’s tamed the Tiger?

Erica announced the couple’s official status by wearing a “player spouse” badge, normally reserved for WAGs at the President’s Cup last October.

It’s believed that the golf star met his first brunette girlfriend in more than a decade through his pop-uprestaurant, The Woods Jupiter, in Florida, where she worked as a general manager for several months last year.

When their romance was made public US site Radar Online reported that Erica was known as ‘a gold-digger’ and a ‘big partier’ within her inner circle.

Just two months after they made their relationship official last October, Erica accompanied Tiger and his two children with Elin – daughter Sam, 11, and 9 year-old Charlie – to the Bahamas.

The restaurant manager was also spotted sat next to the children at the US Open in September 2017, although she and Tiger had not made their relationship public.

It seems Tiger is willing himself not to fall in to same trap of women, with Erica being seen been by his side at all major tournaments.

And judging by the level of PDAs on the green yesterday, she’s likely to be spotted at far more.

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