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Dubai Government
Dubai Government is in the process of significant structural changes. Several federal ministries, authorities, and institutions are being ceased or merged. These changes were introduced to enhance the readiness of the leadership to the challenges of the future with the strategic goal of making citizens happy. Dubai Government

While Dubai’s private sector is the most popular option for expatriates, the public or government sector in Dubai is also a popular choice due to better working hours and compensation. There are plenty of government jobs in Dubai available for qualified applicants. Job seekers can widen their search among government agencies such as Dubai Culture, Dubai Women Establishment, Dubai Customs, and more. There are several government jobs in Dubai available for experts in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Salary Range in Dubai
Government Relations Officers in Dubai can expect a minimum tax-free salary of 5,000 AED ($ 1,361).

Dubai is famous for its tax-free salary. This, along with other perks such as airfare, accommodation, health insurance, and training opportunities, make Dubai an attractive city to work in for government professionals.

At least a Bachelor’s degree and years of experience in the government sector is required. Some companies would not require years of experience in administrative roles. For additional details on job requirements, skills, salary, and employment benefits, feel free to browse our list of current vacancies and job opportunities in Dubai. Below is a list of available government jobs in Dubai.

Search for jobs in the UAE Government through these official portals.

Federal Government job portal – Federal Authority for Government Human Resources
Emirates Job Bank (EJB)- an eGovernment platform that allows UAE nationals to apply directly to jobs offered by government entities and the private sector
Abu Dhabi Government job portal
Dubai Government job portal
Ajman Government jobs
Ras Al Khaimah Government jobs
Fujairah Government jobs
Tawteen (for Emiratis looking for a job in the private sector)
Recruitment platform for people of determination – Ministry of Community Development