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2face Sues Black Face For N50 million, Claims He Didn’t Write African Queen

2face sues blackface

Blackface Naija has for years been claiming his former bandmate 2face stole the song “African Queen” from him after their band Plantashun Boiz disbanded.

Blackface had also claimed his former bandmate stole from him the song “Let Somebody Love You.” 2Baba had in May 2017 threatened to sue Blackface Naija for defamation of character if the latter doesn’t apologize and withdraw the “false and defamatory statements.” It seems more than a year later 2Baba is going forward with his threat

Blackface on his Instagram shared a photo of a Writ of Summons asking him to appear in court. The feud between 2face and Black Face has lingered over the years despite efforts from different quarters to settle the misunderstanding between the artistes.

It was even suggested by most social media enthusiasts that since 2face is a more established artiste, he should have just paid Black Face off and both should move on with their lives. Some people even cited the case of a song theft that was easily settled between Tekno and veteran singers Danfo Drivers, who claimed the singer had sampled their phrase Jogodo without their consent. The issue was swiftly addressed and quelled in no time

Black face weeks ago also claimed weeks ago stole his song and got him blacklisted. He said: Wizkid took my song, ‘Whine it,’ sang it with Banky W and put it on his album, ‘Starboy.’ That same song is on my album, ‘Dancehall business.’ When I raised the alarm, the whole media kicked against me and they stopped playing my music.

He claimed that ever since he raised the alarm that certain singers stole some of his songs, he became blacklisted by the media. “I did a song which preaches against the killings but radio stations would not play it because I am in their bad books.

Simply because I said some people stole my songs, that is why they placed me in their bad books. I know there is a plan against me. I am an independent musician and I do not need Tuface to push my music.

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